On Mi Hijo Mi Hermano

I really enjoyed reading your novel. I appreciate very much its direct-sentence style and the lucidity, apparent simplicity and integrity of the narrative line it forms. Hemingway is a great but difficult master and most writers who try fall on their collective ass—so applauso!!

Martin Washburn

Personal, perhaps, and poignant are not adequate adjectives to describe my feelings about your novel, which I, a slow reader, finished in 4 days. I liked it a lot.


I have finished your novel…fabulous! I love following this young man as he struggles to deal with his past (his father and mother, his patchwork youth, his upbringing, his ‘issues’ and emerge into manhood…For me personally, the protagonist’s struggle with his distaste for all things American, and going to a foreign country to escape, and eventually realizing that his romanticizing of that other country is perhaps overblown, is particularly moving.

An unknown reader

I finished Mi Hijo on the plane coming home and I do want to read more of your work.


I’m almost done with Mi Hijo, It’s great for me because of my times in Mexico and your ability to describe that. I can smell the smells and hear the music and the sounds of my back in-the-day experiences. ..so keeper comin’ dude.

Terry Morse

That’s the best thing about the book, to my mind—is its vivid portrait of the land.

Judge’s Commentary, Writers Digest Fiction Contest 2017

On What Happened in New York

Jim’s guileless entry into the Big Apple is a story that rings true. It was also an act of courage and rebellion…

Linda Rubinstein

Your dialog rings true. Wonderful writing and a great story.

Stephanie Marohn

Congratulations—what a triumph to have written this novel…I’m so happy to have read it and have returned to the company of those of us who believe in the evolving of our work. Thank you for writing What Happened in New York.

Bosa Raditsa

It’s excellent! Captures the encounter of this amazing place, with all the confusion, special characteristics, wonder, frustration, etc. Love the protagonists and the other assorted very interesting characters…and love the dry humor!

Carl McInerney. 

Hey Dan! Just finished book 2, “What happened in New York”. I loved it, what an adventure, a young liberal man finding himself & looking for meaning between the beatniks & the hippies. I knew you were cool, but whoa, shit, awesome. On to book 3 next 🙂

– Grant Trinidad


On A Place Called Green River

Your writing is very good! Solid, easy to follow, consistent and simply very readable.

Paul Dahlin


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book or should I say your life?

Linda Rubinstein


Dan - I’m enjoying reading your novel — you have a great sense of description - it really flows

Bosa Raditsa


Hi Dan, I finished Green River & loved it. I just kept thinking this is the guy that became the guy I met 25 yrs ago. So fun. Sorry it took me awhile. I only read it outside in the sun, or in my chair when the sun streamed thru. To me it was a book meant for the sun. Thoreau, Kerouac & Castenada got nuthin’ on you. You are the real deal 🙂

Grant, Trinidad