Mi Hijo Mi Hermano

My son my Brother

The first volume follows Jim Krenov at age twenty-one on a journey of self-discovery into Mexico.

What Happened in New York

In Volume Two, the story opens with Jim riding on a Greyhound bus as he travels from San Diego to New York City with the dream to become a writer.

A Place called Green River

In Volume Three Jim fixes up a cabin in Vermont to live in year round. When his friends in the city hear about Jim’s new life in Vermont, a door opens for them, too, wanting to join the “back to the country” movement.

The Collected Poems: and a Novella

While nature is my primary subject as a writer, I am also interested in why love sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, what is home and what isn’t, and what is the right relation to place for the individual in a world where mass culture dominates human habitation. The Collected Poems contains four books written over forty-five years. Waking up in The Country is about innocence. Fallen Warrior is about loss. Home Hunting in America is about, well, just what it says. Home is about what that word means to me. The Novella is an evocation of the sexual development of a Catholic boy in the 1950’s.

The One, Language and The Mind

Essays and Travelogues in Search of Place

Jenny’s Game

A Screenplay by Daniel Duncan

If God Were A Greek Philosopher

A house guest named Joe leaves behind a manuscript in the library of his host as a gift for having been allowed to stay in his home. In this document the narrator looks at the Greek Philosophers over the shoulders of God so to speak to see how these early thinkers defined Him.